Church Council

The Church Council is the Board of Directors of the Congregation and is the
Governing Body as defined by the laws of the State of Ohio. It has the care and
custody of the property of the church in accordance with the provisions of our
Constitution and Bylaws. The Council is the executive and policy-making body
and transacts the business of the church on behalf of the congregation when it is
not assembled in a regular or special meeting. Council members are elected by the

Among Church Council’s responsibilities are seeking God’s vision for Trinity
UCC and carrying out our congregation’s ministry and mission. The Council
proposes the annual budget and raises the funds to meet that budget. It keeps
records of its proceedings, is custodian of all church records and reports to the
congregation at its regular and special meetings. Council’s acts and deliberations
are subject to the will of and revision of the congregation.

Meetings of the Council are the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in
the Conference Room.